Find Your Feet Seminar


Despite the name, Find Your Feet is a hands-on approach to human movement and how to get the most out of yours and your clients training or sport.

Ishmail has been practicing in the industry since 2013, exploring the most optimal way for his clients to train to compliment their sport of choice. He has worked alongside A-League Athletes and sporting teams in NRL, AFL, Netball, Olympic athletes in swimming, and cage fighters.

Ishmail’s athletes come from a broad range of sports which has given him sound understanding of how to treat and rehabilitate injury when a career is on the line, or to simply improve efficiency in their current sport.

Date: 5th September 2021
Time: 11am
Venue: Paddo Performance
Address: 257 Oxford Street Paddington NSW 2021 (Directions)

Price: $350 only



Ishmail will teach you how to assess movement and then apply this to your client (or your own) sporting goals.

Through this seminar, you will leave with an understanding on how human anatomy and mobility play a role in movement, and where technical breakdown occurs in an athlete.

A seminar designed for coaches and curious minds to:

  • Explore general structural and functional anatomy.
  • Explore torso and lower limb mobility, stability, and strength.
  • Look at the major differences between front squat, high bar, and low bar positions.
  • Assess YOUR individual biomechanics through a practical workshop.

At the end of the seminar, you will have a better understanding of:

  • How to effectively assess for optional position and identify key factors to think about when teaching and performing squat variations.
  • How to use these positions for muscle development and individualise optimal strength.
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